Package plant offer less foot print area.
Yes In case of ETP, No incase of STP.
Yes, plant can run in manual, semi-auto & PLC mode. Refer concept note for further details. In manual mode, level sensors are not bypassed maintaining the safety of pumps in case of dry runs.
Yes, Disinfection is considered with Ozonation or UV.
We offer fully containerized package plant with less noise & safe operation.
Different pumping stations are required or see the possibility of by gravity flow. Effluent will be treated in the one common tank were all effluent from pumping station/s will be equalized & treated.
Industrial effluent after primary treatment shall be mixed with domestic treatment in the collection tank of Domestic effluent to have the 100 % dilution effect.
Flow sensors at the outlet of ACF pH sensor cum controller is considered at the inlet of Industrial effluent pH sensor cum controller is considered at the Outlet of Industrial effluent Do Sensor & Controller TDS sensor at the outlet of ACF is considered. PLC considered.
Please refer to PLC for input & output details. Normally only On/Off indication are considered. Input from all analogue signals are considered along with control logic.
ACF needs to be changed every 6 months or depending on inlet & outlet characteristics of ACF.
Yes you can use Sintex tank. Recommended capacity for your plant.
In case of package plant the lower capacity Sintex tank can be located above the Package Plant room. Thus results in saving of space & ensuring gravity flow to the gardening.
It could be pumped for gardening or could be taken by gravity.